Corporate Information

President’s message

Regenerative medicine was seen as a possible method to combat diseases and other degenerative problems with an population. I have made it my mission to turn this possibility into a reality.
I founded Kintaro Cells Power Co, as a means to spread awareness of stem cell technologies as well as advance the field of stem cell therapeutics.

As such, our staff strive to work towards our company vision by upholding our key values which are: Quality, Innovation, Detail, Transparency, Responsibility, and Integrity.

“KINTARO Cells®” are adult multipotent stem cells. These cells are bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells which are cultivated and extracted from young, healthy donors in their twenties by using Kintaro Cells Power Corporation’s customized advanced technology. Stem cells are already used for clinical trials and treatments around the world. Kintaro Cells® is developed using exceptionally high-quality cultivation standards and methods.
The advantage of using “KINTARO Cells®” is established through collaborations with specialists in the field of medical science in Japan which includes Tokyo Medical University. In our joint research program, we will continue to study KINTARO Cells®” for the research and development of the next-generation of bio-pharmaceutical drugs. Our company has acquired three patents which include: the method of stem cell cultivation, the method of stem cells culture production, the method of activated stem cells. In addition, we have submitted an application for three more patents with the use of “KINTARO Cells®”.
Medical science and medical treatment technologies are advancing at a rapid speed, far beyond our imagination. As a BioMaker of Regenerative Medicine, we at Kintaro Cells Power Co. will continue to pursue our mission of increasing healthy life expectancy of people by working to unveil the future of regenerative medicine in conjunction with using our own technologies.