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Origin of Company name

Kintaro roots

The name “KINTARO” originates from a Japanese folklore hero from Ashigara mountain. Kintaro is not only the protagonist of a fairy tale like Momotaro and Urashima Taro, but is also based on the childhood name of “Sakata Kinemitsu” who was a samurai in the Heian period (794-1185). Legends that boasted the superhuman power of Kintaro spread all over the country, like the traditional folklore story of Kintaro sumo wrestling with a bear. Such features of Kintaro’s personality includes: “health, longevity, youth, and spirit.”, properties which are distinctive for regenerative medicine and stem cell products. The character “kin” in Japanese is expressed as “gold”; symbolizing the leading company the industry and “gold standard” product. In addition, the combination of “Kin-Ta” in Chinese is expressed as “prosperous”.

Pursuing world quality standards

As a mean to express the high-quality “Made in Japan” brand from Tokyo to the world, our corporation decided the name Kintaro perfectly matches this expression. According to legend, during a time when Kintaro’s mothers’ eye was injured, kind hearted Kintaro took his mother to the hot springs where her injured eye was cured. The name of our company expresses the willingness to restore health functions through medical treatments.

Reference: Oyamachi Tourists Information (Shizuoka)

Kintaro Cells Power Company Mascot “KINTARO”