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1954 The Medical Radiological Research Center is established in Obninsk, Russia
1969 Dr. Alexander Yakovlevich Friedenstein discovers bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
1974 Dr. Anatoly Konoplyannikov starts the first clinical trial of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells at the Russian Radiation Research Institute in the Immune Cell Therapy Department.
A total of over 7,000 treatments are performed to date.
2010 CEO Alexei Gladkov receives treatment for bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells at a medical institution in Russia.
After recognizing the effect of the treatment, he started various approaches to spread this regenerative technology to the world.
2011 Alexei Gladkov established AV Cells, which is the predecessor of Kintaro Cells Power Co., Ltd. in Singapore. Then transferred technology of mesenchymal stem cells from Russia Radiation Research Institute and started the research and development of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells with our innovative technology.
2013 AV Cells Laboratory in Novena, Singapore was established. Full-scale research and development of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells commenced.

In Japan, the ‘Regenerative Medicine Safety Assurance Law’ become a new standard of law by guaranteeing the safety on program sponsoring on regenerative medicine and cell culture organizations by providing their legislative backgrounds. Simultaneously in order to respond to practical use of regenerative medicine, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law was amended to establish an approval-based system on the characteristics of such products as regenerative medicine.
Kintaro Cells Power Co., Ltd. was established by Alexei Gladkov to integrate bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells manufactured and developed in Russia with high cultivation technology in Japan thus commencing the research and development of those cells.


Established branches of Kintaro Cells Power Co., Ltd. in Asian countries including – Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.
A subsidiary in Vietnam, Hanoi and Saigon was established. At a medical-related international event in Hanoi, Vietnam, Kintaro Cells Power was announced under the brand name “KINTARO Cells®* ” for the first time.
An application for six patents were filed which included the: Culturing Method, Single Type Stem Cell, Medium Culturing Method, Product Culture Medium, Method of Stem Cell Activation, Activated Stem Cells

* The first product of the current "KINTARO Cells Basic"

2017 Kintaro Cells Power Corporation started collaborative research with (Doctor/Professor) Kazuma Oyashiki from Tokyo Medical University and his team who was accomplishing research and development on cell therapy. By Using KINTARO Cells® as a research subject the difference between young and elderly stem cells were analyzed in detail.
Registered Trademarks were obtained in Japan, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Patents were obtained in Japan for “Stem Cell Culturing Method”.
2018 Two patents were acquired in Japan:
Patent for “Product Culture Medium “培養生成液製造方法 – culture production fluid manufacture method.
Patent for “Method for Activated Stem Cells” 活性化幹細胞の製造方法
Established a branch office in Malaysia.
Commencing the recruitment of an institutional investor and establishing an affiliate company to conduct the development of drugs.
Developing business services by cooperating with foreign affiliates for overseas patients.
On August 4th 2018, our collaborative research team at Japan Human Cell Society officially announced the results of the research and analysis about the difference between young and aged stem cells using KINTARO Cells® as study objects.

Establish a new research laboratory in Malaysia.
Promote projects aimed at developing our business in India, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Middle Eastern countries.

Released "KINTARO Cells Plus*"

* A product with extended applications of “Kintaro Cells Basic”