Corporate Information


“Produce top-quality cellular therapeutic products”
We at Kintaro Cells Power aim to elevate the standards of regenerative health medicine by promoting the research and development of top-quality cellular therapeutic products.
  • ●In order to deliver the highest quality cell therapy, our corporation continuously works to enhance our biotechnology capabilities and promote further R & D projects.
  • ●Our corporation is currently working towards: obtaining governmental permission for clinical trials in Japan, new GMP standard lab development, automation of our cellular production process, and the application of other Japanese innovations.


Elevating the Standards of Regenerative Medicine
Our aim for the future is to widen the brand awareness and advance the development of KINTARO Cells®, to be the leading company in cellular therapeutics, and to elevate the standards of regenerative medicine.
  • ●This is the vision for Kintaro Cells Power.
  • ●With the co-operation and support of medical researchers, doctors, academia, investors, and private corporations, we are confident in achieving our vision to be an internationally renowned, trusted name in regenerative medicine.