Elevating the future standards of
regenerative medicine

We at Kintaro Cells Power Corporation are working towards the future of regenerative medicine. Our product KINTARO Cells® are Human Allogeneic Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells that are cultured using the most advanced biotechnologies. As a research and development company, it is our mission to elevate the standards of the regenerative medicine.

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    • 2022/05/15

      On May 8, 2022, the "2nd KINTARO Sakura Festival" was held on the premises of Kintaro Cells Power's Oshoro Research Institute. President Gradkov Alexei, said, "I ...
    • 2022/04/01

       "Kintaro's Hikari Future Power" was performed on March 15th (Tuesday) at the Ota Bunkanomori Hall in Ota Ward, Tokyo. Our representative, Gradkov ...
    • 2022/03/31

      An interview article with our representative, Gradkov Alexei, was published on the page of the special feature "In-house research" of "ACARIC JOURNAL (vol.4 2022 Apr.)", a career magazine for ...
    *Note on trademark registration「金太郎細胞®」or “KINTARO Cells®